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Replacement Lid for Devonshire Glass Teapot

Replacement Lid for Devonshire Glass Teapot

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  • Replacement lids designed to fit the Chiswick Tea Co. Devonshire teapots
  • 900ml Lid size: Inner diameter 73mm, Outer diameter 84mm
  • 600ml Lid size: Inner diameter 63mm, Outer diameter 73mm
  • 350ml Lid size: Inner diameter 53mm, Outer diameter 63mm

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6 Reviews

Felicity Stryjak

Is exactly what it says it is - a lid for the 900ml teapot. It's great but it's not the lid that's so great really, it's the fact that it's available as a spare part and my teapot isn't now a plant pot for want of a lid.


Hans Rosenstein

Very happy to be able to buy a replacement lid at a great price.

Caroline Gowan

Glass tea pot lid a replacement fits perfect looks great was very pleased I could just buy the lid and not the whole tea pot again wouldn't of gone to anyone els than Cheswick Tea Co


I very pleased to receive the replacement lid for my glass teapot, although fragile the lid has lasted for two years a record in this household.


Exactly what I needed to replace the lid I broke: it fits well and glass matches well with my tea pot. Cheaper than buying a new tea pot.