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Lemon and Ginger
Lemon and Ginger
Lemon and Ginger
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Lemon and Ginger

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Our Lemon & Ginger tea brings together organic lemongrass and zesty lemon peel to create a truly classic combination. The addition of lemon verbena and galangal which is a member of the ginger family makes for a uniquely defined flavour with an extra edge. Ideal with Asian cuisine, this warm & spicy mix of ingredients invigorates with its pleasing, signature freshness.

Tea Facts:

Origin: Egypt, Spain and India
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Ginger, Lemon Peel and Galangal
Taste: Citrus with slightly warm spicy notes
Type: Herbal Tea

Brewing Time:
3 minutes

1 per 250ml


5.00 Average

4 Reviews


I’ve been looking for this for ages - I bought this from the shop in London many years ago. It’s the right balance of lemon and ginger, not too acidic or pungent, with the added flavours of the other herbs adding depth. Lovely hot or cold.

Beatrix Ducz

Nerve calming, bittery taste. Perfect before sleep.


Very refreshing and light tea, perfect as a morning drink.

Thomas Seidler

Is it possible to improve on the sublime??? Well, yes! Chiswick Tea show us how! If you are used to the ginger content being dust and all sinking to the bottom, so you get incredibly intense ginger dregs the further down you go, things have changed – they now don't grind the ginger so fine, so it's distribution throughout the pack is much much better, but the flavour is just the same, just more even... Awesome Chiswick Tea! ;)