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Chiswick Tea

Earl Grey Organic

Earl Grey Organic

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Earl Grey is an unforgettable blend of Black Tea with citrussy Bergamot Oil.

It is a famous brew all over the globe. This Tea’s flavour and aroma derives from the addition of oil, cold pressed from the rind of organically grown Italian Bergamot oranges and Blue Cornflowers. Can be served with or without milk.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS/ORIGIN: Black Tea (96%)/Assam, India.

Bergamot Oil (3%)/ Italy. Blue Cornflowers (1%)/Albania.

Winner Of A 1 Star 2020 Great Taste Award - Loose

Winner Of A 1 Star 2020 Great Taste Award - Teabag

Certified Organic by the Soil Association.

Tea Facts:

Origin: Assam, India and Italy
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Cornflowers
Taste: Rich with light citrus notes
Type: Black Tea

Brewing Time:
3-4 minutes

1-2 per cup

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