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Chiswick Tea

Blooming Lily

Blooming Lily

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Flowering teas are hand sewn when still fresh with cotton treads in various flower arrangements. The flowers are then sewn together, shaped in balls and tied with a small piece of cloth and left to dry.

Brewing Instructions:
Place one flowering tea bud into a glass teapot or mug so you can fully appreciate the flowers opening up and pour over 90-95°C water, leave to steep until the bud has fully opened up, this can take between 3-6 minutes. Pour the tea into teacups and it is ready to be enjoyed, if left in the teapot the flavour will be stronger. A flowering tea can be re steeped 2-3 more times if required.

Tea Facts:

Ingredients: Green Tea and Silver Needle White Tea, Jasmine and Lily Flowers
Type: Flowering Tea

Brewing Time:
3-6 minutes

One bud per cup

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