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Yellow Gold (Huang Jin Gui)

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Yellow Gold
(Huang Jin Gui)

Type: Oolong

Yellow Gold Oolong is a lightly fermented Oolong tea which is produced in Anxi, Fujian Province. It is made from the fresh leaves of the Huang Dan tea plant. The appearance of Yellow Gold Oolong is tight, thin and curly leaves which open fully to create a yellow-gold infusion. The flavour is mild, brisk and sweet with a long lasting fragrance.

Tea Facts:
Origin: Anxi, Fujian, China
Ingredients: Oolong Tea
Taste: Sweet, aromatic and floral
Teaspoons: 1-2 per cup
Brewing Time: 3-4 Minutes
Water Temp: 85-90°C

Tea Facts:

Type: No