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Jasmine Snowdrops

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Tea Name: Jasmine Snowdrops

Type: Green Tea

So redolent of summer evenings, jasmine embalms the stuffy air with an ambrosial aroma, its splash of abundant, delicate white petals mirroring the starry firmament above. The flowers became popular under the Han dynasty, soon came to be used to scent the emerald teas harvested in spring. Here, an intricate process was developed to infuse the drying tea leaves with the floral fragrance before the petals perished. Jasmine Snowdrops reunites the tea with the blossom: dried petals are added, which float to the surface during brewing to create a vision of a Sichuan mountain pond in your cup.

Tea Facts:
Origin: Fuding, Fujian Province, China
Ingredients: Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers
Taste: Delicate and sweet
Teaspoons: 1 per cup
Brewing Time: 3 Minutes
Water Temp: 80°C

Tea Facts:

Type: No