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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Black Tea Vodka

    To keep up with the currant global love affair with tea Absolute Vodka has created a tea flavoured beverage. This particular vodka has already become a favourite in bars and homes. Absolute wild tea combines the dark and rich notes of the Chinese black tea with the delicate refreshing Scandinavian White Elderflower. Its aroma has hints of red apples and citrus as well as the main ingredients. It has a smooth taste that’s sweet and dry at the same time. Can be used as a main ingredient to any cocktails that would perhaps be the ideal beverage on a warm summers evening!


  • Tea in the sky

    Get this for a record breaker, RAF servicemen Hefti attempted and broke the world record for drinking a whole cup of tea without spillage whilst doing 14 loops the loops.

    Hefti who was injured whilst serving his country in Iraq 2 years ago wanted to do the record attempt as part of a fundraising initiative for the RAF personnel and their families. Cpl Hefti 27 was on patrol with first squadron RAF regiment in 2007 when his first unit came under fire, killing one of his fellow gunners. He was one of many that were injured in this incident.

    After completing his record at the RAF museum Cosford, near Wolverhampton, he said: “When we first took off I was more worried about the tea staying in the cup, but after the first lap I realised it would and I started to enjoy it more”.


  • Green tea Kit Kat

    We are devoted to tea and tea products so you can only imagine our excitement when we came across this Macha green tea Kit Kat. Throughout the decade kit kat has introduced dozens of flavours within specific consumer markets such as Japan where this little beauty of chocolate comes from.


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